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KU Design & Construction Standards

The University of Kansas Design & Construction Standards supplement the Architectural Program and are to be considered an integral part of that document. Information contained herein sets forth the University's criteria for all phases of a project's development and construction.

These standards have been prepared by the Office of Design & Construction Management, with assistance from the Department of Facilities Services and other university departments.

Also available for reference and use are the OFPM Building Design & Construction Manual » and the SBAC submittal forms and other related forms ».

Questions or comments regarding these standards should be directed to the University's designated Project Manager for each project; or to Steve Scannell, Asst. Director - Consultant Services, dcmsas@ku.edu.

* NOTE: Right-click on the filename and select ‘Save target as…’ to download the file to your computer to edit for your project; to view an AutoCAD .DWG file, download and install a free copy of Autodesk Design Review.

Design & Construction Standards Document

Title Page

Division 00 - Procurement & Contracting 

Division 1 - General Requirements 
Appendix A1.1 - Variance Request Form: PDF  or: DOC 
Appendix A1.2 - Standard of Practice - Accessibility 
Appendix A1.3 - Code Compliance, Code Analysis and Building Permits 
Appendix A1.4 - KIDS Numbers for KU Buildings 
Appendix A1.5 - Classroom Standards 
Appendix A1.6 - LEED v4 Project Checklist 

Division 2 - Existing Conditions 
Appendix A2.1 - Hazmat Materials Matrix 

Division 3 - Concrete 

Division 4 - Masonry 

Division 5 - Metals 

Division 6 - Wood, Plastics & Composites 

Division 7 - Thermal & Moisture Protection 

Division 8 - Openings 

Division 9 - Finishes 

Division 10 - Specialties 
Appendix A10.1 - Signage 
Appendix A10.2 - Interior Signage Drawings: PDF  or: DWG  *
Appendix A10.3 - Building Directory Drawings: PDF  or: DWG  *
Appendix A10.4 - Building Directory Drawings: PDF  or: DOC 
Appendix A10.5 - Jobsite Signs 
Appendix A10.6 - Bus Shelters 

Division 11 - Equipment 
Appendix A11.1 - High Performance Fume Hood Specification 

Division 12 - Furnishings 
Appendix A12.1 - Standard of Practice - Furnishings Procurement 

Division 13 - Special Construction 

Division 14 - Conveying Equipment 
Appendix A14.1 - Elevator Telephones 

Division 21 - Fire Suppression 

Division 22 - Plumbing 

Division 23 - HVAC 
Appendix A23.1 - Building Automation Controls System Specification 
Appendix A23.2 - Standard of Practice - Building Automatic Controls System 
Appendix A23.3 - Standard of Practice - Building Commissioning 
Appendix A23.4 - Design Standards for Energy Efficiency 
Appendix A23.5 – VRF Guide Specifications 

Division 26 - Electrical 
Appendix A26.1 - Emergency Lighting Systems 
Appendix A26.2 - Standard of Practice - Electrical Power Metering 
Appendix A26.3 - Standard of Practice - Campus Electrical Distribution System 
Appendix A26.4 - Site Lighting Standards
Appendix A26.5 - Light Pole Base Detail 
Appendix A26.6 - Campus Electrical Distribution Standard Details 

Division 27 - Telecommunications 

Division 28 - Electronic Safety and Security 
Appendix A28.1 - Standard of Practice - Fire Alarm Systems 
Appendix A28.2 - Standard Fire Alarm Specifications: PDF  or; DOC 
Appendix A28.3 - Fire Alarm Standard Graphic Symbols 

Division 31 - Earthwork 

Division 32 Exterior Improvements 
Appendix A32.1 - Standard Site Details: PDF  or: DWG  *
Appendix A32.2 - Turf & Grasses Specifications: PDF  or: DOC 

Division 33 - Utilities 
Appendix A33.1 - Example Curb Inlet Details for Precast Concrete Catch Basin PDF or PNG 
Appendix A33.2 - Example Curb Inlet Details for PVC Catch Basin