A Division of Campus Operations

KU Design & Construction Management Fees

In Fiscal Year 2016, approximately 65% of DCM’s operating budget is dependent on fee revenues.  The following fees were updated effective July 10, 2013 and remain in effect:

Production (in-house design & construction administration)

  • 8% of project cost or $2,000 minimum (or hourly fees as appropriate)

Consultant Services (managing outsourced design & construction administration)

  • 0.85% of project cost or $250 minimum (or hourly fees as appropriate)

Special Services (tasks not covered by other fees and not provided free of charge)

Staff Hourly Fee
Architect Senior $70
Architect $40
Architect Intern $25
Engineer Senior $60
Engineer $50
Engineer Intern $35
Landscape Architect $40
Landscape Architect Intern $25
Construction Manager $36
CAD Manager $35
CAD Technician $30
Student Employee $15
Administrative Support $30
University Fire Marshal $50
Fire Marshal Assistant $35

As-Built Surveys and Utility Location Services

  • $54 per person-hour

Complimentary Services (tasks ordinarily performed at no charge, except when outsourced or in some other circumstances)

  • Rough Order of Magnitude estimates (initial consultation & cost estimate)
  • Planning & architectural/engineering programs
  • Annual fire marshal building inspections, citations, plans of correction
  • Building emergency evacuation plan reviews
  • Fire/life safety awareness training
  • Maintain KU design & construction standards
  • Maintain KU building records
  • Facility condition assessments and reporting