A Division of Campus Operations

Our mission is to support and enhance the environment for teaching, research and support facilities at the University of Kansas by delivering buildings and other campus infrastructure that are inspiring, functional, aesthetically appropriate, cost-effective, sustainable and compatible with the University's mission and policies.

Our Core Values

We strive to embody the following core values in every project and every interaction with our clients, partners and all members of the University that we serve:

  • Health and Safety — Public health, safety and welfare are of paramount importance in all that we do. Life safety is the most critical component of any project we manage involving occupancy. We look for opportunities to optimize life safety features, accessibility, and healthful, sustainable environments in our projects.
  • Integrity — Our work must comply with building codes and other applicable requirements. Our conduct is consistent with the rules and code of ethics of our professions. Our words and actions engender trust because we deliver on commitments.
  • Quality — The projects we deliver meet or exceed customer needs and expectations. Buildings, building systems and infrastructure function properly and are aesthetically appropriate. The University is better positioned to attract students, researchers and professors due to the excellent spaces and environments we create.
  • Customer Service — We routinely deliver projects on time and within budget; when this is not possible, we make every effort to minimize schedule and cost overruns. We treat our clients, partners and all members of the University with respect and a helpful attitude. We're open to suggestions for improvement and we continuously strive to improve our services.