Project Requests

Facilities, Planning & Development (FPD) will evaluate whether your project is most appropriately handled by our office or if it should be forwarded to another department. FPD generally manages projects that involve architectural and/or engineering design, code reviews, and new construction or renovation – utilizing in-house staff or outsourced via appropriate procurement processes. FPD will forward project requests that are strictly maintenance (and some small, discretionary enhancements) to Facilities Services, strictly voice/data to KUIT, strictly safety or hazardous materials to Environment, Health & Safety; or we’ll coordinate with these partners as necessary if the project is best managed by FPD.

Within one week of receiving a project request, FPD will:

  • Determine if the project is best managed by FPD; if so, assign a project manager and issue a letter to the client informing them the project has been initiated and providing the project manager’s contact information.  OR…
  • Determine if the project is best managed by another department; if so, forward the project request to them and notify the client of the transfer.  OR…
  • Inform the client if the project has already been initiated, or if there are other reasons not to initiate the project.

Within 30 days of initiating a project, FPD’s project manager will complete a feasibility study involving the following components:

  • Meet and/or communicate with the client as necessary to understand the client’s project needs.
  • Develop a cost estimate.
  • Issue a PPMR (physical plant modification request) form to the client, with a cover letter and cost estimate including a project schedule.

Client Responsibilities

  • Provide sufficient information about the intended outcome in order for FPD’s project manager to accurately outline the project scope and develop a realistic cost estimate and project schedule.
  • Avoid unrealistic expectations. Public facilities are subject to substantially more stringent code requirements and procurement criteria than a single family home; therefore the costs and time involved in projects are commensurately greater.
  • Upon receiving the PPMR form, it is the client’s responsibility to provide or obtain department authorization for the project, with acceptable account and funding codes, and to return the completed PPMR form to FPD by the “target funding date” indicated in the project schedule.  Returning it later might require altering the project schedule and/or adjusting the estimated costs.
  • Throughout the project, be responsive to requests from the project manager for review and comments on design information, scheduling and coordination issues, unforeseen circumstances that require decisions on whether to amend the scope and costs, etc. Contact the project manager if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Contact the deputy, associate, or assistant director of FPD if you have any concerns not addressed by the project manager.

For more information about capital project processes, please contact us or complete the project request form in Maximo.

We look forward to assisting you with infrastructure improvements that position KU for greater success in its missions and initiatives.