Other Standards & Documents

In order to fulfill its mission of providing useful planning, project development, design, and management services, Facilities, Planning & Development has created standard rules and procedures to follow in order to ensure that all work is done in a consistent and quality fashion that is helpful to everyone involved.

NOTE: Some documents below are available online, while others require submitting an email request.

Available Documents
Audits (email request)Audit guidelines for KU capital improvement projects.
Capital Improvement Approval Process (pdf)Graphical overview of 42-month cyclical process.
FPD Compliance Responsibilities (email request)Spreadsheet of issues, governing agencies, regulations, etc.
Complete FPD Project Management Manual (email request)Information on the project delivery process and the services provided by FPD.
Project Process Summary Flow Chart (pdf)Overview from project initiation through construction.
Related Statutes (email request)List of Kansas statutes and policies regulating design and construction management.
Exterior Wayfinding Sign Standards (email request)Guidelines for wayfinding installations on the Lawrence campus.
Hot Work PermitRequired for all work involving open flames or producing heat and/or sparks.
KBOR Project Delivery (email request)Procedures for implementation of the State Educational Institution Project Delivery Construction Procurement Act.
KU/City Cooperation Agreement (email request)Agreement between KU and the City of Lawrence related to building standards and land use.
KU/City Historic Preservation MOU (email request)Memorandum of Understanding between KU and City of Lawrence related to historic preservation.
Strategic Sourcing (email request)Strategic sourcing guidelines for KU capital improvement projects.
Utility Locating Procedures (email request)Procedures for utility location for any and all excavation performed on property owned by KU and to any locating of KU-owned utilities.
University Federal Mail Address Designations (email request)Building street addresses and abbreviations for campus buildings.