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In order to fulfill its mission of providing useful planning, project development, design, and management services, Facilities, Planning & Development (FPD) has created standard rules and procedures to follow in order to ensure that all work is done in a consistent and quality fashion that is helpful to everyone involved.

Available standards documents:

Audit Guidelines for KU Capital Improvement Projects

Captial Improvement Approval Process 

FPD Compliance Responsibilities 

FPD Project Management Manual 

FPD Statutes 

Design & Construction Standards
KU Design & Construction Standards

Exterior Wayfinding Sign Standards
KU Exterior Wayfinding Sign Standards

Downloadable forms.

Hot Work Permit »
Required for all work involving open flames or producing heat and/or sparks.

Hot Work Permit FAQs »
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Hot Work Permits

Hot Work Permit Database »
Lists hot work permits entered via the online Hot Work Permit system​

KBOR Project Delivery 
Procedures for Implementation of the State Educational Institution Project Delivery Construction Procurement Act

KU/City Cooperation Agreement 

KU/City Historic Preservation MOU 

Strategic Sourcing 
Strategic Sourcing Guidelines for KU Capital Improvement Projects

Utility Locating Procedures